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Real-Time Web Commerce

Web Design and E-Commerce:


Our Web Design & Real-Time E-Commerce team are always pushing the boundaries in terms of what can be achieved. This technical advantage, coupled with sound software engineering disciplines makes the Gyrosystem Web Design & E-Commerce team a World-Beater at delivering robust, maintainable yet advanced web and E-commerce solutions.


Our Web Team comprises:

  • Graphic Artists
  • Java Software Engineers
  • CGI / Perl Scripters
  • Active Server Pages (ASP) Programmers
  • PHP Programmers
  • Database (SQL, Sybase, Oracle, MySQL) Experts
  • Foreign Language Translators
  • Web Security Consultants
  • Web Marketing & Optimisation Specialists
  • Web Server Expertees (IIS, Linux (Apache), WebLogic etc)

These are just some examples of the Web Designs & Ecommerce Solutions we are, or have been, engaged in:

Discussion Topics & Articles:

"E-Commerce, the 10 fatal mistakes"
Andy Davies, chief technology officer of strategic consultancy Aconite Technology has discovered that it's easy to take your eye of the ball in the rush to deliver e-commerce projects and programmes. Download as RTF

"Listen hard to your customers to achieve e-commerce success"
Alan Stevens, head of digital services of the Consumers’ Association, says that in order to survive in the e-commerce marketplace you must listen to your customers and gain their confidence over your business. This can be achieved by providing a clear and easy-to-use website, securing all transactions and offering them a reliable service. Download as PDF

"Use customer information to maximise website potential"
Once you have your website in place and customers are placing orders, it is important to make sure they keep coming back. Jim Sterne, co-author of ‘Business Metrics for the New Economy’, advocates that measuring hits to your site and analysing your customer base will keep your e-business flowing and ensure your place in the market. Download as PDF

"Boost your b2b commerce by joining in with the online trading exchange"
Communication and collaboration with other companies is essential for doing any kind of business on the internet. Nicky Cornish looks at the various ways to get involved in online trading exchanges and how to maximise the benefits of the internet medium. Download as PDF

"Avoid becoming an e-business disaster just waiting to happen"
Financial Times writer Rod Newing’s new book ‘Living on the Fault Line’ explores the belief that every businessperson still making a profit is straddling a widening gap in the marketplace. A gap wherein new Web technologies are increasingly coming up against old-guard businesses. Download as PDF

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Partner Firms:

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