Real-Time Software & E-Commerce Solutions


Analysis & Definition of Requirements:

  • Research, evaluate and define both Clients' and end-users' requirements.
  • Formulate design and implementation strategies.
  • Present to Client for joint Gyrosystem/Client approval.
  • Simulate and assess the logical model.
  • Document the System Requirements.

Design & Implementation:

  • Specify the solution and produce detailed design documentation.
  • Prepare the physical model or hardware.
  • Write software and test.

Verification & Validation

  • Check and maintain adherence to quality standards.
  • Perform verification and validation of Clients' existing or proposed solutions, with Gyrosystem acting as an independent third party.

Preparation of Technical Documentation:
  • Provide Technical Authors.
  • Translate German, Italian or French technical documentation into English or vice-versa.

Provision of Specialist Personnel:
  • Supply Specialists and Project Managers as consultants to Client.
  • Conduct searches and provide consultants with relevant skills to Client.

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