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Rodenstock Instruments

Opthalmic Laser Control Software

Rodenstock Instrumente GmbH, Ottobrunn, Germany

Gyrosystem was given the task to develop software controlling the beam-delivery section of an ophthalmic laser instrument.

PL/M was the main language used with 8051 Assembler running on a Siemens 80535 single chip micro controller.  The system was debugged and tested using an Intel ICE-51 emulator (with Siemens 80535 adaptor), a Hitex-51 ICE, and Avocet and Keil debuggers. 

We liaised with the Bavarian TÜV Safety Standards authorities to produce a set of Standards relating to ophthalmic lasers, which made part of the system requirements. 

Conceived and undertook a further project to improve modularity and simplify the software creation process for generic ophthalmic lasers.  Designed using methods based on Yourdon methodology with Intels' DCX-51 real time operating system being used to manage tasking and events.