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Lehman Brothers

Intranet Web Application Design

One Broadgate, London EC2M 7HA, UK

Gyrosystem were contracted to manage an Intranet Web-based Ecommerce project allowing users (in London and Milan) the possibility to obtain customized reports on their browsers about the orders/executions aspects of equities trades. A Sybase database was designed, flexible enough to hold trade information sourced from 4 different trading systems, to be able to hold up to eight years worth of historical trade data.

Daily feeds were put in place and automated to provide update information from the supply trading systems.

Java Servlets formed the method of connecting to the database, using jdbc 2.0.

Project was developed on a BEA Weblogic webserver and subsequently migrated to an Apache-Tomcat webserver.

Dreamweaver was employed to create the non-dynamically generated portion of the web pages.