Real-Time Software & E-Commerce Solutions


Our Clients include:

Gyrosystem were contracted to modify the CRM sections of the SunSystems customer/partner support website (automatically generated by Pivotal).

Siemens Business Services
(Financial Division)

Gyrosystem produced in-depth technical documentation for an E-Commerce Development Project.

Exhibition Services

Gyrosystem were contracted to build in extra security around an existing On-Line Exhibitor Manuals web site in order to protect their Clients' credit card transactions and order details over the web.

DSL & Broadband Internet Services

We recently designed & created a web & ecommerce site for Genesis DSL - an Internet communications company offering European-wide Broadband services to businesses.

We were recently contracted to manage an Intranet based ecommerce project allowing worldwide users to obtain customized reports on their Web browsers about various aspects of equities trades.

Investment Bank

Gyrosystem developed and supported the integration of a Bloomberg Tradcing systems into Nomura's Front Office Bond dealing rooms.

Military Aircraft Divison

Gyrosystem led a team for the FA2 Sea Harrier Inertial Navigation/GPS project taking place at BAe Military Aircraft Division at Farnborough.

Avionics Division
  Gyrosystem was contracted to develop the functionality for the interface to a Airborne Radio Frequency Unit within a Satellite Data Unit for a Ground Earth Station.

Networks Group
Gyrosystem was responsible for developing two variations of BySync to run on Digital's own communications card for their customer SWIFT.

Formerly MBB or DASA
Gyrosystem was contracted to design and implement the front-end of an Avionics Communications Bus-Test System as part of the EFA project.

Vickers Medelec
Gyrosystem was contracted to design and implement an enhancement to a Medical EEG system

Gyrosystem was commissioned to produce an English language version of a German technical document.

SEL / Alcatel
Gyrosystem ported layers (OSI 1, 2 & 3) of an existing X.25 communications software package to run on Motorola's MVME334 card.

Rodenstock Instrumente GmbH
Gyrosystem was given the task to develop software controlling the beam-delivery section of an ophthalmic laser instrument.

National Remote Sensing Centre
Gyrosystem developed a collection of scientific algorithms to process ERS-1 Satellite sea-surface height data in order to produce a geographical sea-surface contour map

Gyrosystem designed and developed a Graphic User Interface (GUI) for a RF Spectrum Monitor instrument.