Real-Time Software & E-Commerce Solutions


About Gyrosystem...

Based in West Sussex, UK.


Software & Systems applications developed

  • Intranet and Internet Web & E-commerce Applications
  • Web Site Design
  • Financial Trading Datafeeds.
  • Fixed Income Risk Management Banking Systems.
  • Medical EEG Instrumentation.
  • Defence Aircraft & Navigation systems.
  • Satellite to Aircraft Communications.
  • Opthalmic Laser Control Software.
  • Video Broadcasting Automation and Scheduling.

  What we do:

Gyrosystem is an independent company offering complete solutions to the Ecommerce, Financial, Comms, Aerospace and Medical sectors throughout Europe.

We offer a high degree of technical expertise within a small extremely flexible structure. Founded in 1985, our team now have wide-ranging experience in many aspects of advanced technology.

Utilising international standards, Gyrosystem can design and develop software systems and web-based applications for our Clients and guarantee a high level of end-user support.



Gyrosystem is located in South East England, less than 40 minutes by road from two major international airports, thus affording a fast and effective response to our European Clients.



In addition, Gyrosystem can provide expert consultants and independent subcontract personnel specialising in the relevant skills and techniques required. Just ask us who's available!


Web Design Partners :

Gyrosystem provide much of the custom development & programming for E-Commerce Consortium: Web design agency in Surrey & Gloucestershire













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